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Benefits Leaves Kelor

Leaves Kelor

Moringa leaves a million properties - This time I will discuss about a million properties inherent in the leaves of Moringa. Moringa leaf properties such magnitude to overcome various diseases. Drumstick tree leaves contain compounds that are active and full of nutrition. Some of the active compounds in the leaves of Moringa leaves are arginine, leucine, and arginine metionin.tubuh indeed produce, but very limited. Therefore it is necessary intake from the outside like the leaves of Moringa. Arginine content of fresh Moringa leaves to reach 406.6 mg, whereas the 1325 mg of dry leaves.
Moringa leaves contain pterigospermin stimulating the skin (rubifasien) so often used as a param in them, and treat weakness of limbs such as hands or feet. If fresh leaves are crushed, and then massaged into the body is weak, it can reduce pain because it is an analgesic. In addition, the nutritious Moringa leaves as facilitating breastfeeding. Therefore, to carry milk, nursing mothers are encouraged to eat and leaves of the Moringa disayur.
Like the leaves of Moringa apasih it?
Moringa leaves a small tree to 3-8 meters Cleaner. The leaves are pale green with a double pinnate pinnate leaf odd child and strands of oval leaves. Moringa leaf flower panicles form a leaf out of the armpits, while hanging fruit 20-45 cm long and its contents are a series of round seeds, but the wings of three.
During this time, the roots of the plant Moringa leaf urine efficacious as a laxative, laxative sputum, or cough medicine, laxative menstruation, appetite, and relieving spasms.
In addition to drug Moringa leaves can be anything?
While in Indonesia, especially in villages and rural environments, the new plant Moringa leaves to be a living hedge, border or crawler soil other plants, but the benefits of the leaves and flowers and young fruits as vegetables, have long been used.
As medicinal plants, plant moringa leaves from the roots, stems, leaves, and seeds, has been known since long in the rural environment. As root, root bark mixed with papaya and then milled, crushed, widely used for topical (jerky) beriberi disease, and the like. Coupled with betel leaves, also a drug such as ringworm skin by rubbing.
Kelor leaves contain anything?
Moringa leaves advantage lies in the exceptional nutritional content, especially the minerals and vitamins. Each 100 gdaun SI 3390 Moringa contains vitamin A. Two times higher than spinach and thirty times higher than the beans. Moringa leaves are also high in calcium, about 440 mg/100 g, as well as phosphorus 70 mg/100 g. Moringa leaf scent rather unpleasant, but the smell is reduced when the young leaf is processed into vegetable or vegetable bobor nodes.
Is it true that Moringa leaves can control cholesterol?
Leaves, pods and moringa leaf extract shown to lower total cholesterol levels. If a person already suffering from high cholesterol, there is a risk of increased cholesterol levels back. Cholesterol is like an enemy that lurks silently. Required to suppress the will to manage your diet and exercising diligent. High levels of cholesterol can be triggered by a diet high in cholesterol such as the consumption of fast food, fried foods, and stress. Excess cholesterol can clog arteries or cause heart attack or stroke.
How concoction that Moringa leaves can be used as medicine?
These diseases can be cured by a concoction of leaves of Moringa with traditional medicine:
A. Ringworm (herpes) and ulcers
Tumbuklah Moringa leaf with lime, then smeared on the wound was the result of collisions / ringworm.
2. Lack of appetite, epilepsy, hysteria, ulcers, difficulty urinating, weakness, jaundice, rheumatism and stiff.
Boil the roots of Moringa leaves as much as a finger with remaining 2 cups water to 1 cup, then strain. Drinking boiled water twice a day each ½ cup.
3. Beri-beri and udim
Milled roots of Moringa leaf, papaya roots, and skin mace or cloves each 1 finger. Add water, juice, and strain. For water filter into 2 equal parts. Drink filtered water 2 times a day.
4. Urticaria and allergy
Boil 3 Moringa leaf stalk, 1 red onion, and fennel and pulasari taste in remaining 3 cups water to 2 cups. Strain and minm boiled water twice a day each a glass.

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